Visualize Digital Transformation with Azure, AWS, Google, or IBM Garage

Build Data-Driven Architectures with Latest Industry Icons

Step 1. Choose an Icon Set (or Mix Them!)

Design with
Microsoft Azure Icons

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Design with Amazon Web Services Icons

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Design with
IBM Garage Icons

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Design with
Google Cloud Icons

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Step 2. Transform to Data-Driven EA Framework

a. Select Framework

Select data-driven Framework to architect in:

  • UAF 1.2
  • DoDAF 2
  • TOGAF 10
  • Archimate 3.1
  • NAF 4.0
  • sysML 1.6

b. Choose Mode of Operation:

  1. Enforce standards by customizing metamodel, adding icons as Stereotypes to Framework definitions — available off Draw menu, or
  2. Simply drag-and-drop icons into Diagram workspace and “Transform Symbol” to a definition type of the chosen Framework — overriding standard icon

Step 3. Architect in Data-Driven Repository

Whether you are capturing existing organizational architecture or designing new solutions — visualize concepts with latest technology icons — while modeling in a data-driven environment, where the model is king. This enables:

  • Consistency of information across diagrams.
  • Easy and powerful analytical analysis and reporting in System Architect (rich client) or SA XT (web client).

Next Step:

  • If you are a System Architect user — Click Here to access the icons, free of charge.
  • If you would like to evaluate System Architect, Click Here.

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